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There used to be a time when companies could make it big without adopting cutting-edge technology. But now that things move and evolve as quickly as they do, working with an IT provider that helps you reach that next level isn’t everything—it’s the only thing. That’s why Next I.T. places so much emphasis on providing services for our clients that yield the best possible outcomes for their workflow. We know it’s not just about working hard—it’s about working smart. And for everything from industrial IT services to the healthcare field, no one helps you work smarter than Next I.T.

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There used to be a time when companies could make it big without adopting cutting-edge technology. But now that things move and evolve as quickly as they do, working with an IT services company is a must. Managed IT service providers can help you reach that next level. That’s why Next I.T. places so much emphasis on providing services for our clients that yield the best possible outcomes for their workflow.

At Next I.T., we have years of experience providing IT management solutions to small to mid-size businesses from a range of industries. We offer full-service managed IT services to optimize processes and enhance IT infrastructure. Most importantly, we adapt our services to each client’s budget, needs, current infrastructure, and industry.

Next I.T. is the company to trust if you’re looking to relocate internal resources, hasten complex IT projects, and get overall support with your IT innovations.


From changing tax laws to fast-evolving technologies, CPAs are seeing continuous shifts in their industry—making it increasingly difficult to stay focused on their core business. Next I.T. understands the complex needs of Accounting firms and specializes in providing the right managed IT and cybersecurity solutions to make their lives easier. We provide the professional expertise and cutting-edge technology to help your business succeed while remaining compliant with industry regulations.


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On a time-sensitive project, the last things your company should be focused on are overseeing in-house servers, keeping your network connections up and running, and making sure your office and jobsite teams have the devices and apps they need to stay connected, informed, and productive. At Next I.T., our experts work with companies across the design-build spectrum: engineers, architects, contractors, project owners, and more. We can help you create an IT environment that delivers the reliability, mobility, security, and workflow efficiencies you need to make every project a success.


Educational institutions have dealt with technology challenges for years: limited IT budgets, cybersecurity risks, FERPA compliance, etc. Today, schools are battling those challenges while also addressing new ones: supporting distance learning, implementing virtual classrooms, and finding the ideal tools for students and faculty both in class and online. With a push towards digital learning, the academic industry is placed with greater burden than ever to keep up with the ins and outs of IT solutions and cybersecurity. At Next I.T., we’ve been customizing and managing IT environments for organizations of all types—including schools and universities—for over 20 years.


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Do you have a burgeoning startup looking to take that next step? Or maybe you have an established financial management company that wants to move in a different direction. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, only one IT provider can help you get where you need to be. Our team has worked with companies in a number of fields, including portfolio management, broker-dealers, securities, wealth management, and more. For cutting-edge solutions that make sense for your specific niche, reach out to Next I.T. today.


As a federal contractor, you focus primarily on providing superior defense products and services to government offices, bases and ranges while maintaining efficient and streamlined operations. The challenge you face is to stay competitive and innovative while managing advanced information technologies and maintaining compliance with regulations, which requires substantial time and resources. Here is where managed IT services and consulting can step in to make your network systems optimal, productive and compliant so that you can do what you do best.


Solutions designed to keep you on track.



From maintaining compliance with HIPAA to organizing patient records effectively, you can get tripped up in plenty of ways in the healthcare industry if you don’t have the right technology. Next I.T. provides customized IT services designed to help companies in the healthcare sector deliver exceptional patient care, access records simply (while keeping them safe from unauthorized users), and make their processes that much more efficient overall. For more information on how we can help your facility, reach out to Next I.T. today.


For decades, the experts at Next I.T. have been customizing and managing successful IT environments for hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and other businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Let us apply that expertise to help you create the perfect mix of IT solutions and services to delight your guests—to keep them coming back, talking up your great service to their friends and colleagues, and writing 5-star customer reviews about their experiences.


The right IT provider can make all the difference.

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We service a number of industries with exceptional IT solutions, all custom-tailored to fit your needs, budget, and vertical.

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The insurance industry is continually evolving, from complex compliance requirements and industry standards to keeping up with the pace of innovation and customer expectations. Next I.T. understands the need to have a reliable IT infrastructure that supports business objectives and protects valuable data. We help insurance agencies modernize their technology through cost-effective solutions that are designed to boost efficiency, increase profitability, improve customer retention, and maintain compliance.

At a time when the data you use is everything, it’s time to find better ways to protect it. Law firms have to honor compliance standards as they go about their day-to-day jobs, and Next I.T. has the tools you need to stay ahead. We know how detrimental even the smallest amount of downtime can be when it comes to delivering exceptional service to your clients. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure you remain online at all times while still keeping your data safe and sound, well out of harm’s way.


 The right technology can make all the difference.

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Are you hitting your KPI’s? Do you have a solid idea of how best to reach your long-term goals? The manufacturing industry relies on repeatable performance over a long period of time. That means avoiding downtime and other delays that can be a huge detriment to your assembly line, shipping procedures, and other areas of your business. With Next I.T., we provide technology that’s suited to your workflow. We put you in a position to make the most of your data and help your facility operate more efficiently than ever.


Every day, nation-states and cybercriminals step up their attacks on American institutions, and agencies like yours are in their crosshairs. No one is immune to hackers and their sophisticated methods of attack — phishing, malware and ransomware. You need to build a strong defense against these cyber threats, a challenge for any organization working with limited resources and a restrictive budget. Next I.T. can help secure your agency’s data and keep your systems up and running by providing the most robust in-depth cyber defenses available today.


Whatever you need, we’re there to help.



As Native American and Tribal organizations are continually targeted with cyber attacks, it’s more important than ever to strengthen cybersecurity and develop better IT infrastructure for communities. At Next I.T., we understand the unique, complex structure of Native American and Tribal organizations. We give our clients the resources they need to not only protect sensitive information but to work more efficiently than ever before with cutting-edge technology.


Every day, cybercriminals step up their attacks on companies and organizations of all sizes, including non-profits. You need to build a strong defense against these cyber threats, often a challenge for any non-profit organization working with limited resources and a restrictive budget. Next I.T. understands the unique challenges facing non-profit organizations and can provide the state-of-the-art technology to support day-to-day productivity and long-term goals. We take the weight off your shoulders and give you the space and freedom you need to put your energy and efforts toward doing what you do best — fulfilling your organization’s mission.


The right IT provider can make all the difference.



The Real Estate industry is seeing significant shifts in the market including the increased use of digital platforms, tax code and regulation changes, and embracing on-the-go technology for daily operations. With the numerous, high-value digital transactions between multiple parties, Real Estate companies can be especially appealing to hackers. From network security and endpoint protection to cloud solutions and disaster recovery plans, we provide state-of-the-art technology and IT support for Real Estate businesses.


With brick-and-mortar stores competing against e-commerce sites, e-commerce companies battling it out with each other, and everyone trying to hold their own against Amazon, retail businesses need a competitive advantage to win and keep customers. Given the outsized role technology plays in today’s customer experience, you can find your competitive edge with the right managed solution partner. Next I.T. can help you customize the ideal mix of IT services for retail business to improve your operations, lower costs, achieve regulatory compliance, and meet your customers’ ever-changing expectations.


Don’t go at it alone if you don’t have to. Next I.T. is here to help.