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"Next I.T. saved my life"

The technician that pushed webroot did it AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!
Ryan took care of me within minutes of sending the email. So appreciated what he did for us. It had been forever since I knew where the setting that needed to be changed was and he found it and changed it for us. He ROCKS!!!
Really liked Abi, she was able to get my remote printer connection working when a couple of others tried unsuccessfully; was good to talk to, while remaining focused on resolving the issue!
Does everyone at Next-IT wear a cape? Cuz you’re all superheroes.
Another thumbs up to Next-IT support. You guys just keep knocking it out of the park! Thank you
Shawn E was brilliant sorted out the issue quickly and professionally - great job!
So glad Ryan could help us resolve this. It was funny that this problem was for his Dad who could not send emails from his tablet to some of my colleagues. So thanks to Ryan for stepping up to help his Dad!!!